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A Look Back: Run Warren Run Builds Momentum in First Quarter

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four months since MoveOn.org Political Action and Democracy for America members joined together to launch Run Warren Run—a campaign focused on encouraging progressive champion Sen. Elizabeth Warren into the presidential race.

Reflecting back on the first 120 days of this campaign, MoveOn.org Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman and Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlin today released a strategy update to highlight the success of Run Warren Run and what we’re working toward as we move into the next phase.

Here’s an excerpt from the strategy memo:

“Senator Elizabeth Warren has said from the outset that she is not planning to run for the White House. Our robust draft effort is explicitly aimed at building movement support and early state infrastructure to carry the message that, in the words of The Boston Globe‘s editorial board, “she ought to reconsider.”

“As we enter the second quarter of 2015—10 months before the Iowa Caucuses and 120 days since the start of the Run Warren Run campaign—the underlying conditions for an Elizabeth Warren presidential candidacy are more favorable than ever.

“Senator Warren finds herself with a huge outpouring of grassroots energy and enthusiasm for her to run, a message about fixing a “rigged” system that’s defining the agenda for the entire potential field, the largest on-the-ground operation in early states of any potential candidate, a polling floor in second place in both Iowa (16%) and New Hampshire (22%), and a growing level of political and intellectual support for a candidacy.”

Ilya and Charles put it best: We’re honored to be a part of the organizing success and tireless dedication of Run Warren Run volunteers in Iowa, New Hampshire and everywhere nationwide, and our focus remains squarely on drafting Elizabeth Warren to run for president—and building the movement she’ll need to win.

Thank you for being a part of this historic effort and for all you do.