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Results Are In: Overwhelming Support for Run Warren Run Effort

The results are in—and MoveOn members overwhelmingly agree that it’s time to encourage Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the race for president.

With 81.3% of all votes cast in favor of this effort, we are hitting the launch button on MoveOn’s “Run Warren Run” campaign today!

MoveOn members vote to encourage Warren to run

Elizabeth Warren is a fighter for working people and a champion for the middle class. And at this time of historic inequality, we need her to run for president.

We’ve heard from tons of MoveOn members who want to see Sen. Warren in the race for president. Like Eric A., from Pennsylvania, who said, “Senator Warren is a true progressive, who can run as the People’s Candidate,” and, Brad G. from Texas, who said she’s “a non-establishment candidate with the charisma to run, win, and change the nation!”

Since announcing our member vote earlier this week, the media’s flooded this campaign with attention. In an article about our launch, the Wall Street Journal said Warren has “distinguished herself with her pro-consumer, anti-Wall Street positions” and the Boston Globe reported that MoveOn’s campaign “reflects growing support for Warren’s brand of economic populism.”

It’s not every day that we have a chance to change history—but this is such a moment. Visit RunWarrenRun.org to sign the petition if you haven’t yet already.