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5 Ways to Support Impeachment

No one is above the law. It is time for Congress to act–pursuing a full, immediate, public, unhindered impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, followed by articles of impeachment. Trump has obstructed justice, admitted to colluding with foreign powers, and continues to enact inhumane policies that hurt our communities every day. But Congress won’t move forward unless they know their constituents and the country are with them. 

Here’s how you can take action:

Members of Congress are at home till Monday October 14 and need to hear that the country wants them to move forward quickly on impeachment. Thank your representatives who are supporting the inquiry and call on Republicans to stop enabling Trump’s attacks on our democracy and communities. Click here to see where events are happening or register your own.

Text NOW to 668366

Ready to be in the movement calling on Congress to impeach Trump? Text NOW to 668366 to get updates as the impeachment inquiry advances and invite friends to join. Msg & data rates may apply.

Click here to find your representative and see a sample script for your call. Over 100 representatives support the impeachment inquiry, and more are announcing every hour! The House is the only body that can start impeachment proceedings, so we need everyone on board. Call now to ensure your representative is doing everything they can to support impeachment. 

Sign the petition to tell Congress: In the United States, no one is above the law. Congress must begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump immediately for his abuse of power and violation of public trust.

Fill out a quick form and we’ll send you a free IMPEACH sticker that you can display proudly in your community!