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2020 Gift Disclosure

MoveOn believes that disclosure of funding sources is a key to democracy, and therefore in accordance with our Gift Acceptance Policy we voluntarily disclose every contributor to MoveOn.org Civic Action who gives gifts totaling $5,000 or more in any year as well as the amount of each such contributors’ gifts.

MoveOn.org Civic Action receives hundreds of thousands of donations each year and the average donation is $20 per donation. We are grateful for the support of all MoveOn members.

We also want to thank the following individuals, organizations and foundations for their generous support of $5,000 or more in 2020:

Contributor Amount
Burnett, Nancy$22,500
Care In Action$100,000
Cody, Grace$5,000
Community Change Action$50,000
Cooperative Impact Lab$499,660
Coyne, Deirdre$5,000
Damon, Matt$5,000
Field, Robert$8,000
Finke, Lothar$10,000
Fonda, Jane$5,000
Glynn, Barbara$6,500
Gomer, Adelaide$5,000
Gritton, Wendy$5,000
Johnson, Justine$5,100
Kubly, Ryan$6,500
Lawrence, Karen$6,256
Melchor, Kay$5,000
Movement Voter Project$50,000
Myers, Lincoln$5,000
National Domestic Workers Alliance$100,000
Need To Impeach$30,000
Noble, Tracy$5,000
Omidyar Network$100,000
Open Society Policy Center$500,000
Owens, Laura$5,800
Ploughshares Fund$300,000
Propel Capital$100,000
Shenker, Scott$10,000
Strickberger, Monroe$10,000
Thorner, Jeremy$5,800
Tides Advocacy$56,000
Tides Foundation$185,000
Tsocanos, Kimberly$6,700
Ullman, Allan$5,070
Wiersba, Alan$10,674
Tobias, Stephen$5,000


 Last updated: March 24, 2021