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10 Ideas to Save the Economy: Expand Social Security

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

Flat wages and the end of pensions have left millions of Americans facing a retirement crisis. Already, nearly half of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents would live in poverty if it weren’t for Social Security.

There is a simple solution, and it starts with defending Social Security from the right wing’s lies. That’s exactly what I do in the third video of the ten-part Big Picture series, and I need your help spreading the word.

The corporate media won’t cover this. I need you to watch and share Expand Social Security now: 

In the coming weeks, MoveOn and I will bring you seven more commonsense ideas that have the power to make our economy work for everyone. We’ll be relying on you to tell us which ideas you like most by sharing them with your friends and family.

MoveOn will launch full-blown campaigns—in solidarity with organizations doing important work every day—on the ideas that members like you are excited about and share with your friends and family. So make sure to watch and vote—by sharing—to help us get these ideas in front of millions of Americans!

Thanks for all you do.

Robert Reich