We Want You! (To Write A Better Headline Than This)

Want to join the team responsible for the majority of the views on the No. 1 political video of 2011? We’re hiring some new, amazing editorial interns for 2012 — people just like YOU (assuming that you are a perfect fit for the internship, that is).

Interns will be involved in many aspects of the project, from helping to curate content to helping build web tools for our amazing community of volunteer editors. You’ll work directly with the project’s leaders. You’ll never have to get us coffee, but you should be ready and willing to work hard to make the project’s vision a reality.

• Great writing ability
• Deep understanding of social media—if you have a great blog or Twitter feed or well-curated Tumblr with a dedicated following, that’s a good sign.
• Basic HTML and photo-editing skills. User experience, graphic design, and programming chops are all big plusses.
• Ability to manage complex projects and hit deadlines.
• Self-manager and self-starter.
• A sense of humor.

Anywhere. We have a virtual office, and collaborate online.

$1,000/month plus great experience (this is a part-time internship).

As soon as possible, no later than February 1, 2012.

June 1, 2012 (somewhat flexible).

Dazzle us with a cover letter, a resume, and three amazing things you found online here. We’re an equal opportunity employer.

Click here to see other job openings at MoveOn.

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