VICTORY: Voting Rights in Massachusetts


S. 1975, a new election modernization bill in Massachusetts, would allow early voting, online voter registration, and preregistration, as well as other updates to make voting more fair. These reforms are vital for making elections accessible to as many Bay Staters as possible. That’s why Sara Brady of the organization MassVOTE started several MoveOn Petitions to the legislature, encouraging them to pass the bill. Thousands of MoveOn members signed the petitions—and on the day of the vote, members also generated a ton of phone calls to their senators, asking them each to support the bill. On Thursday, the bill passed the Massachusetts Senate with a vote of 37-1.

This bill is only the beginning. Last year, the Supreme Court gutted the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965. Since then, Republicans across the country have raced to implement new restrictive laws that would do exactly what the Voting Rights Act was meant to protect against. But MoveOn members are fighting back on the national, state, and local level.

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