This Conservative Guy Wants Your Kids To Get Beat Up

According to the very confused conservative leader Andy Blom, the entire anti-bullying agenda is not about keeping kids from getting bullied—it’s actually a way to “force homosexual teaching into schools.” Watch the video:

Blom says:

All the curriculum on bullying is about LGBT [...] All of it is being used as an opportunity to force homosexual teaching into the schools. And we, the curriculum, we start to peel this and look at the curriculum, it’s frightening what people want to teach under the rubric of bullying. And because being in favor of bulling is like hating apple pie, it’s being very effective at skidding a lot of very unseemly things into curriculum. And there’s legislation in the Hill to force private and parochial schools to adopt the same anti-bullying thing. So this means Catholic Schools are teaching about the pleasures of homosexual sex or teaching about you know Johnny has two daddies if they’re able to push this through. [...] In truth, the whole homosexual agenda gets filtered into the schools through anti-bullying.

And just remember: The specific part of the “homosexual agenda” the recent anti-bullying push in schools is meant to address is that young LGBT kids are being harassed and humiliated so mercilessly that many of them are taking their own lives. You want that to stop too, don’t you, Mr. Blom?

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