One Thing About Facebook We Don't 'Like'

Et tu, Facebook? According to Citizens for Tax Justice’s new report, Facebook’s raking in many extra millions because of tax loopholes that let them pay nothing. Share this graphic on Facebook if you think this is as bogus as we do!

A MoveOn original graphic. Data from Citizens For Tax Justice.

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“Facebook has done well in America–now it needs to do well by America. Congress must close the Facebook tax loophole right away.”

Through a ridiculous corporate loophole, Facebook could avoid paying income taxes for an entire generation. In 2012 alone, the social network is poised to receive a $0.5 billion government refund instead of paying its fair share.

Enough is enough. These unfair corporate tax loopholes need to come to an end, and there’s something we can do about them right now. This news about Facebook is a chance to get lots of Americans fired up about meaningful corporate tax reform.

We’ll deliver your signatures and comments to Facebook headquarters and Congress, and make sure the media hears about them as well.

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