MoveOn Members Launch Local Campaigns to Ban Fracking; Host 300 Gasland II Screening Events

On Sunday, July 14th, MoveOn members across the country hosted approximately 300 individual movie parties to watch Gasland Part II, the sequel to Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland, which debuted on HBO last week. After the screening, attendees joined director Josh Fox on a conference call to discuss how to stop fracking at the local level.

“Our members are fired-up to fight for a clean energy future, and they believe that fracking is fundamentally at odds with achieving that goal. Our members organized over 300 events around the country so that they can come together and understand the damage that fracking is doing to our waterways, our air quality and our planet,” explained Anna Galland, executive director of “Gasland Part II is a crucial and much needed exploration of the toll that fracking is taking on our communities and serves as a reminder to MoveOn members and all Americans that addressing the climate crisis starts at home.”

After the film, MoveOn members examined the impact of fracking in their state and region and considered how to launch local campaigns to ban the dangerous practice. More than one hundred local campaigns against fracking have already been started. Start your campaign today.

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