MoveOn members endorse Bruce Braley for Senate

MoveOn_Members Endorse Bruce Braley

MoveOn members in Iowa have voted decisively to endorse Bruce Braley for the U.S. Senate. Here’s what a few members across the state had to share about Bruce Braley:

“Bruce Braley has served well the people of my district in the US House of Representatives. He is a progressive who fights for the interests of the people against the corporations and the wealthy.”—Darrell W., Cedar Rapids, IA

“Bruce was my congressman before my county was moved to the 2nd district. He is an advocate for the middle class and among the strongest supporters of organized labor in Congress. No one else on the list has the experience or contacts to defend the working people of Iowa like Bruce. His years of work in the house have proven his ability and where his heart is. Bruce will carry on the work of Tom Harkin.”—Jay S., Camanche, IA

“Bruce is a compassionate, hard working, man who cares deeply for the citizens of Iowa. He is a progressive vying for the Senate Seat held by Tom Harkin for many years. This seat needs to remain blue if the Democrats have any chance of holding the Senate.”—Karla S., North Liberty, IA

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This fall, MoveOn members will be turning out progressive voters in Iowa to help elect Bruce Braley. Click here to help fund the campaign.

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