GE Gets Pranked Big-Time

Responding to the growing public backlash over the company’s not paying any taxes at all in 2010, “GE” released a very contrite press release earlier today. Here’s a quote from “CEO Jeffrey Immelt” himself:

“We want the public to know that we’ve heard them, and that we know many Americans are going through tough times. GE will therefore give our 2010 tax refund back to the public and allow the public to decide how to spend it.”

After this press release hit the ‘Net, the AP ran with it.

The best part? It was a hoax! So GE had to come out and basically say, “Oh, sorry, we’re not actually doing the right thing. We’re going to continue to rip off American taxpayers while we outsource U.S. jobs and hide our profits in tax havens around the world. Kthxbai.”

Nice work, pranksters. And GE: I still want my $14 back! (That’s how much each U.S. household paid into GE’s $3.2 billion tax rebate this year, on average.)

Found on Business Insider. Feature photo from Flickr user The.Comedian.

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