Chicago MoveOn members want to see a progressive challenger to Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Mayoral Vote Results

Here’s what a few MoveOn members shared:

“[Emanuel] has been too soft on corporate interests, closed schools, [put] our children in danger, and passed too much legislation that punishes only the working class,” wrote Matthew M., a MoveOn member in Chicago as he responded to the survey. “We need progressive leadership in our city and a progressive approach toward crime because the current approach is not working.”

“Emanuel is waging war on our public schools in Chicago. Since the closing of 50 neighborhood schools and systematic defunding of public education in Chicago, attendance is down and violence is on the rise,” wrote Todd B., a MoveOn member. “We need someone who will invest in the things that aren’t sexy—infrastructure, schools, and community.”

“I am so tired of the mounting problems and lack of good services in the city for those who are not among the wealthy,” wrote MoveOn member Carol R.. “The corrupt and dysfunctional machine needs to be disassembled and hopefully a new and functional system can replace it.”

“Chicago needs effective leadership and a mayor who genuinely cares about the concerns of the people,” wrote MoveOn member Rosalind B.. “We need someone who won’t just fall into the ‘politics as usual’ role, so I am wholeheartedly supporting a progressive challenger to Mayor Emanuel. Our great city needs a positive change.”

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