MoveOn Praises Obama Administration's Landmark Carbon Pollution Standards Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland had the following statement in response to the new Carbon Pollution Standards announced today by the EPA:

The climate crisis is real, and it’s at our door. We can no longer wait for a broken Congress to catch up to the overwhelming scientific consensus that dumping vast amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere is already causing harm and threatens to make our planet unlivable for future generations. That’s why MoveOn’s 8 million members support aggressive action to curb carbon pollution.

We applaud President Obama’s bold action today — an important step in a longer journey to tackle climate change. The Carbon Pollution Standards mean Americans will breathe cleaner air, reducing health problems like asthma. They mean we are joining others in the international community in taking serious action on climate. And they will create clean energy and energy efficiency jobs. MoveOn members are excited to spread the word about these pollution standards and will fight to ensure they are implemented in smart and effective ways in every state.

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