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We Won!

We won! A federal judge just ruled that we can keep up our billboard criticizing tea party Governor Bobby Jindal for standing between 242,000 Louisianans and Medicaid. Can you help make sure we're able to keep up the billboard we fought so hard to …

Stop Xcel's Energy Savings Rollback

In Colorado, Xcel Energy is proposing to roll back their energy savings goals by a third. Don't allow Xcel Energy to lower their energy savings goals. Xcel should do everything it can to reduce …

We denounce the Koch Brothers

We, citizens of the United States, denounce you, Charles and David Koch, for using your vast wealth -- more than the combined wealth of the bottom 40 percent of Americans -- to corrupt our democracy. …

Sign the Petition to Gov. Jindal

Gov. Jindal, Last time I checked, abortion is still legal. Making it harder for women to get abortion isn’t going to change women’s minds – it’s only going to endanger them and get …

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