New MoveOn TV ad: Let's increase Social Security benefits

MoveOn members are doubling down on our campaign for an increase in Social Security benefits with a new TV ad that comes in response to Wall Street front group The Third Way’s recent attack on Social Security expansion.

In the new ad, Political Action urges members of Congress to listen to their constituents, stop listening to corporate front groups like The Third Way, and expand Social Security benefits for retiring seniors. The ad notes that simply closing a loophole that lets billionaires pay a lower Social Security tax rate than most Americans is more than enough to fund increased benefits.

The ad frames the debate by focusing on the question of whether current Social Security benefits are enough for seniors to live on. It will air on MSNBC and CNN only in the Washington, D.C., market — targeting Capitol Hill — since numerous polls show that the broader public doesn’t need persuasion. Most Americans already strongly oppose Social Security cuts and support expansion.


In November, Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a set of polls, commissioned by Political Action, that showed that voters in 10 key congressional districts and states overwhelmingly support increasing Social Security benefits and are inclined to punish any Democrat or Republican who votes to cut benefits. On average, 70 percent said they would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to cut benefits.


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