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America For All 2022

It's going to take all of us to come together to defeat the radical MAGA agenda and elect pro-democracy champions to defend our rights and our country.

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MoveOn is proud to announce our 2022 election plan to protect our democracy, motivate key voters, and support strong candidates in key races up and down the ballot.

In 2022, we must recommit to building an America for All, where racism and authoritarianism are delegitimized and eventually eradicated. Where working Americans are no longer second-class citizens of our democracy and our economy.

MoveOn's strategy to win in 2022

Fight the right and defend democracy.

This election is a choice between the radical ideology that has taken over the Republican Party and investing in our communities to create an America that works for all. We’re defending our country from MAGA Republicans by helping to elect pro-democracy secretaries of state and governors who will safeguard our elections, protect our freedom to vote, and protect our majority in the U.S. House and Senate.


Drive campaigns to motivate Democratic voters.

Because a smaller number of voters typically head to the polls in midterm elections, maximizing voter turnout in battleground states is essential to win. MoveOn and its members will rally voters to channel their righteous anger from the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the January 6 investigations, and more into concrete plans to vote for candidates who will protect our freedoms, our futures, and our families.


Build the largest relational mobilization of the midterm elections.

To get as many voters as possible to the polls this November, MoveOn members and volunteers across the country will reach out to voters who might not otherwise vote this year without a personal request from someone they know. Encouraged by their friends and family through this tested and proven tactic, these voters have the power to swing the election in Democrats’ favor, just as they did in 2020.

we're endorsing Candidates who will help us build an
america for all
we're endorsing Candidates who
will help us build an america for all

Millions of MoveOn members across the country have endorsed strong Democratic candidates to champion the fight against MAGA Republicans and make progress on critical issues facing the country.


Get our candidates elected as governors and secretaries of state in key battleground states to safeguard our elections for the the future of our democracy.

Win and expand Democratic majorities in the House and Senate so that our candidates can fight to create progressive change that will build an America for All.


Can we count on you to
remind three friends to vote?

We have the power to elect leaders this November who believe in an America for all of us.

The way we win is by talking to our friends and family about all that is at stake in this election.


Sign up here to join millions of MoveOn members organizing together to turn out voters in key battleground states.

No matter where you live, you can take action to get out the vote this November.

Make calls to voters
from anywhere

Make calls from home to encourage key battleground state voters to vote and mobilize their friends to vote!

Volunteer at a
polling place

If you live in a battleground state, volunteer at the polls on Election Day or during early voting.

Support this democracy-saving effort

Donate now to help power MoveOn's 2022 midterm election campaign!