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Who Pays Donald Trump?


… well, beyond the American tax payer, currently …

Because Donald Trump refuses to release his Tax Returns.

Despite being investigated by the FBI

and the Senate Intelligence Committee

for possible collusion with foreign powers.

And that every president for 40 years has released theirs.

As did other candidates for the Republican nomination. 

But mostly: despite saying he would. 



Senator Elizabeth Warren just released this video challenge to “the man in the Oval Office” right ahead of Tax Day 2017.

In this new video, Senator Warren lays out why it’s so important to find out what Trump may be hiding in his taxes and calls on Congress to take action, force the release of his taxes, and conduct a full investigation into his foreign and financial ties.



On April 15, more than 100,000 people across nearly 200 events joined the Tax March to demand se see Trump’s taxes. The next day, he tweeted a response — not that he would release his returns, but that an investigation was needed into who paid for the Tax Marches.
Sounds like Donald isn’t going to have a sudden change of heart.

The good news is we don’t have to wait for Donald Trump to voluntarily release his taxes—because Congress can get them for us.
The House Republicans have already voted at least seven times against compelling Trump to release his taxes.
Trump’s Department of Justice could announce an investigation with a special prosecutor, like it did for Bill Clinton; but the DOJ is led by Trump’s friend Jeff Sessions. We’re not holding our breath.

And remember when Congress got together and decided they really needed to look into something, like the 9/11 Commission? They could do that, too. We’re still waiting.

Getting Trump’s taxes isn’t a question of legality or morality; it’s a question of political pressure.

That’s where we come in.


1- Sign the petition for Congress to get Trump’s Taxes


2- Join a Resistance Recess Event

Right now, Congress is in recess, meaning that in theory they’re in their home-states to hear from their constituents.

There are over 500 Resistance Recess events around the country to join!

Click the map to find one near you.

Let’s ask our Representatives and Senators:

Will you vote to find out who pays Donald Trump?


3- Start a band


4- Spread the word!

Share this page so everyone you know is asking: Who Pays Donald Trump?!

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