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The polls have now closed. Thank you for not only participating in our democracy, but ensuring thousands of other people got involved, as well. Check out some of the amazing work we’ve accomplished together and stay up to date by signing up below for MoveOn mobile alerts.

  • Organized more than 1,000 volunteer events to support campaigns through our Waves program, with tens of thousands of MoveOn members knocking on doors and staffing phone banks for campaigns.
  • Pitched in $4.5 million directly to endorsed candidates in more than 200 races—including 106 for the U.S. House—with more than $1 million given to groundbreaking Black women candidates.
  • Sent more than 30 million peer-to-peer text messages from our thousands-strong volunteer team to mobilize voters.
  • Ran authentic, homemade videos as digital ads to more than 20 million highly targeted people to move thousands of votes.