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MoveOn Text Team Hub

If you are looking to join the MoveOn Text Team, head over to this link: http://mvn.to/MoveOnTextTeam


This page has all of the handy links you’ll need for completing your text team shift. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can easily refer back to it during your shift.

As a reminder, the first place to start your texting shift is by reading the #important_info Slack channel.

If Slack ever becomes inaccessible, email support questions and text requests to: textteam@moveon.org

Spoke training materials/handy links:

Texting campaign resources guides:

See the “Your links” section of today’s daily briefing in the #important_info Slack channel for your texting campaign guides

Our shared commitments: the Text Team pledge

As a volunteer on the MoveOn Text Team, you’ll become a key point of contact for hundreds, maybe thousands, of other MoveOn members and progressive voters. As such, we ask you to commit to these simple premises:

1. I will do whatever I can to help MoveOn members get better connected to each MoveOn campaign and will go the extra mile to get them information and encourage their engagement. I will always read the resources in our daily briefing in the #important_info channel in our shared workspace in Slack to prepare for my shift.

2. I understand that the way I respond matters and I will always respect the person with whom I’m communicating. I will always use language consistent with MoveOn’s values, and never use profanity or other questionable words or phrases that could reflect negatively on my important work.

3. I will always assume good faith and be constructive with my fellow volunteers and volunteer leaders.

4. I will try as much as possible to finish my contact list workflow during my shift and I will only text from the designated start until the designated end in the time zone I am texting. (The designated times are found daily in #important_info in Slack). If I receive late replies from my contacts I will reply the following day after the designated start time.

5. When signing up for shifts, I will be mindful of my availability on that day and not sign up if I will not be able to send texts as early in the day as required. If I am unable to make my scheduled shift, I will cancel, using the #current_shift channel in Slack.

6. After sending all my workflow for a day, I will check Spoke for replies to my texts often through the rest of that day and again a couple times the next day.

7. I will never text and drive!

8. If I have questions while texting, I will ask for help!

9. In accordance with federal law, when texting with MoveOn I will always send each text manually, never using devices such as auto clicker software.