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MoveOn Is Packing Up — For Netroots Nation!

We’re excited to learn from and share with progressive innovators while we’re all together in San Jose, whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the progressive movement or just getting started. Here’s what we have lined up, from panels to a Meet & Greet and even a contest you can exercise your competitive side with. Can’t wait to see you!

C O N T E S T!

Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger

Netroots Nation attendees will get “Powered By MoveOn” first hand when they participate in our Petitions contest for Most Creative, Most Viral, or Most Signatures. We’ll have a first, second, and third place winner in each category. Show us what you’ve got and you could win a Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger ($150 value)!

M E E T  &  G R E E T

with MoveOn.org Executive Director, Anna Galland and special guest, Misty Neergard.

Friday, June 21st  10:30am-12:00pm at the Powered By MoveOn Booth in the Town Square area.


P A N E L S   &   T R A I N I N G S


Matt Blizek, MoveOn.org Grassroots Campaign Director

Thursday, June 20th at 10:30 am, Marriott Ballroom 1/2

Trainer for “Stories To Save The World,” with Julian Mocine-McQueen.

It’s well known that stories are one of the most influential methods of communication. You may not realize it yet, but your campaign or organization is sitting on a gold mine of powerful stories just waiting to be told. This training seeks to empower campaigns and advocacy organizations to utilize members’ stories to bolster campaigns in both powerful and original ways. We’ll begin by exploring the power of your story and how you can use it in your work. We will also explore how to use email and social media to identify members with compelling stories to tell. Then we’ll go through best practices for engaging your members, and then selecting and developing the best possible narratives. Finally we’ll use case studies from well known progressive organizations to demonstrate how to effectively use these stories in your

Anna Galland

Anna Galland, MoveOn.org Executive Director

Thursday, June 20th at 4:30 pm,  Room 210 BF

Panelist in “The Future of Organizing,” with Cheryl Contee, Sara El-Amine, Ian Inaba, and Ethan Roeder

What does the future of organizing look like? Is it a million leaders, spread across the U.S., becoming campaigners for the first time? Is it teenagers driving the political debate from their laptops? Perhaps it’s finding ways for unlikely activists to get the support they need to turn moments of outrage into new and networked communities for social change. Whatever you think the future of organizing looks like, we wager it’s bigger, bolder and nerdier than ever. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with the heads of MoveOn.org, New Organizing Institute (NOI) and Citizen Engagement Lab (CEL) that highlights and dissects trends in progressive organizing.


Ilya Sheyman, MoveOn.org Campaigns Director

Thursday, June 20th at 3:00 pm, Room 210 CG

Panelist in “Mega-Millions 2012: Key Experiments and Discoveries in the World of Online Fundraising,” with Amelia Showalter, Brandon English, Toby Fallsgraff, and Nickie Titus. 

Progressives in 2012 made incredible advances in the art and science of online fundraising. In this rapid-fire session, panelists will share the tactics and tests that helped them raise hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it from small-dollar donors. You’ll walk away with a host of ideas you can try in your own organizations and campaigns. Panelists will also discuss what didn’t work and how these failures ended up being as informative as the successes. This behind-the-scenes look into the world of online fundraising will conclude with a discussion of how lessons learned at the national level can be applied to state and local politics.


Anna Galland, MoveOn.org Executive Director 

Friday, June 21st at 9 am, Exhibit Hall 2

Panelist in Keynote Session, “Not Another Newtown: Building a Movement to Prevent Gun Violence,” with Jehmu Greene, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Mark Glaze, Rep. Robin Kelly, Sen. Darrell Steinberg, and Randi Weingarten. 

Rampant gun violence has plagued our country for decades but thanks to NRA lobbyists, it’s been a nearly untouchable issue. Each shooting seems to be more violent and tragic than the last. When a man was able to easily access guns and massacre 26 people, including 20 children, at a Connecticut elementary school last December, it opened the country’s eyes to the need for stronger gun laws. It seemed that our elected leaders finally had the backbone and integrity to take action. Sadly, we were disappointed that even the most common sense and widely supported legislation couldn’t pass in the Senate. But an outside movement is still building power, and several state legislatures have begun to take bold action to curb gun-related deaths. In this session we’ll hear from some of the leaders of this movement about our successes, failures and what the Netroots can do to help stem the tide of gun violence and keep our communities safe.


Milan DeVries, MoveOn.org Director of Analytics

Saturday, June 22nd at 1:30 pm, Room 212 AC

Panelist in “Big Ears Meets Big Data: How to Unleash Member Energy through Analytics,” with Michael Sherrard, Carol Davidsen, Sara Haghdoosti, and Amelia Showalter.

Listening to supporters is critical for good organizing. But listening at a scale of thousands or millions of people requires analytics. This panel will explore how analytics can be be used to listen to members and how that listening can be translated into better organizing outcomes. We’ll talk about simple analytic tools that every organization can use to better understand and activate its members. We’ll look at innovations from the last election cycle and hear from new distributed organizing platforms like Control Shift and SignOn.org. Finally, we’ll discuss where member engagement through member listening is headed in a big data world.