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Author: Victoria Kaplan

Ready to Resist: Emergency Call with MoveOn.org, Indivisible, and Working Families Party, January 22, 2017

Thank you to the more than 24,800 people who joined in Sunday night, January 22, the day after the historic Women’s Marches, for the Emergency Call with MoveOn.org, Indivisible, and Working Families Party. We moved right into action, learning how to organize locally and effectively to stiffen Democratic spines and weaken pro-Trump Republican resolve, in […]

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MoveOn is hiring organizers to stop Trump. Apply now!

MoveOn is hiring organizers to defeat Trump. Apply before August 8.

Donald Trump is a dangerous bigot. And he’s tied in the polls in the battleground states that will decide not only the presidential election but also who controls the Senate. We will defeat Donald Trump, elect Hillary Clinton, and win Senate seats by recruiting, training, and supporting grassroots leaders in the communities that Trump has […]

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Winning “Ditch Mitch” billboard goes up in Lexington, KY

Today, a new billboard—inspired by Kentucky MoveOn member Beth R.—is rising in Lexington. Kentucky MoveOn members submitted more than 50 ideas and designs for a billboard to hold Sen. McConnell accountable for siding with billionaires and mega-corporations, instead of with the people of Kentucky. Beth’s idea—”scale of justice, Kentucky people on one side, bags of […]

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MoveOn fights back against voter suppression in North Carolina

When the Koch brothers-backed group Americans for Prosperity mailed false voter registration information to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians, MoveOn members fought back, chipping in to correct the misinformation by running ads and contacting voters. This full-page ad correcting the misinformation will run this Sunday in North Carolina’s four largest newspapers. The newspaper ads […]

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Is the GOP getting desperate bringing Mitt ‘Mr. 1% Romney back?

Voters protest Mitt Romney & Terri Lynn Land's 1% Agenda

More than 100 protestors rallied today outside a campaign stop headlined by Mr. 1% himself–Mitt Romney–for Michigan GOP senate hopeful Terri Lynn Land. Why is the GOP trotting out failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who Michigan voters rejected in 2012 by nearly 450,000 votes? Perhaps because Terri Lynn Land is in a neck-and-neck race, […]

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