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Author: Justin Krebs

What We Achieved Together in 2022

What a year! With you and fellow MoveOn members, we were able to successfully prevent a MAGA Republican “red wave” and win essential elections while passing game-changing legislation—all in a political environment shaped by dark money, disinformation, and right-wing structural advantages. While it was a challenging year on many fronts, it was also one marked […]

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In 750 cities, we marched: Families Belong Together

After weeks of heartbreaking images, here are some beautiful rays of hope: On Saturday, in Washington, D.C.,, 35,000 demonstrators braved 96-degree temperatures to march on the White House and send a crystal-clear message: Families Belong Together. There were 30,000 participants in New York, 60,000 in Chicago, more than 70,000 in Los Angeles, and huge turnouts […]

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