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Author: Julia Silbergeld

Who we are: Demographic information about MoveOn’s staff

We have been receiving an increasing number of questions from MoveOn members about the makeup of our staff, especially our racial demographics. With this post we are moving to make that information more transparent. As of June 12, 2020, 51% of our staff identify as people of color (16% identify as Black) and 49% identify […]

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Calling Freelance Developers and Consultants!

In addition to the many full-time opportunities that MoveOn is currently hiring for (check them out here!), we also have a few Requests for Proposals open. Please find them below and share with anyone who would be a good fit! RFP: Petition creation consulting (UI/UX and development) RFP: React Developer RFP: New Django / ActionKit […]

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MoveOn is hiring! Join the 2018 Resist and Win team!

If the recent victories in Alabama, Virginia, and elsewhere have indicated anything, it’s that progressives are able to win elections anywhere when we resist and show up at the ballot box. MoveOn members were instrumental in these resistance efforts, and we will continue to build a movement that stands up for vulnerable communities and wins […]

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MoveOn is hiring campaign directors!

As a pillar of the current Resistance movement, MoveOn is mobilizing opposition to Trump and the GOP’s toxic agenda, including helping to lead efforts to defend health care, to stop any new U.S. wars, fighting for a Clean Dream Act, and opposing tax cuts for big corporations and the rich. We are determined to make […]

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