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Apply for a Kairos Fellowship with MoveOn by Feb. 7

We have an exciting announcement to share–MoveOn is once again going to be a host organization for the Kairos Fellowship! The Spring 2018 Kairos Fellowship is a paid full-time eight-month job for emerging civic tech and online organizers of color. As a participant, you will receive hands-on training, mentorship, and an eight-month paid fellowship at […]

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MoveOn members endorse Chuy García (IL4), Veronica Escobar (TX16) for Congress

Members of Political Action in Illinois-4 and Texas-16 have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Chuy García and Veronica Escobar, respectively. In IL4, 77% of votes were cast in favor of backing García and in TX16, 88% of votes were cast in favor of Escobar. “MoveOn is focused on winning a progressive majority in the House in 2019, and that includes supporting […]

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700+ #DefendMueller Events Prepped Nationwide

Nationwide, activists have begun organizing more than 700 emergency “Nobody is Above the Law” rallies to take place in the event that Donald Trump interferes with the criminal investigation into his campaign and administration, including by attempting to fire Robert Mueller. More than 180,000 people have pledged to attend the events. The Trump Is Not Above the Law rallies—which […]

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MoveOn: Trump’s ‘bill of cruelty’ would hold Dreamers hostage; proposal should be dead on arrival in Congress

Statement of Civic Action Executive Director Anna Galland: “Trump’s proposal seeks to hold the futures of 800,000 Dreamers hostage in order to deport their loved ones and waste taxpayer money on the wall he promised Mexico would pay for. The only possible conclusion is that, despite his tweets and rhetoric, Trump doesn’t actually want […]

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MoveOn Members in Illinois Endorse Daniel Biss for Governor

MoveOn members praise Biss’ support for single-payer health care, tuition-free public universities, fixing our broken criminal justice system, and making sure the wealthy pay their share. Best choice to take on Republican Bruce Rauner in November.   ILLINOIS — Illinois members of Political Action have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Daniel Biss in the state’s […]

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MoveOn Statement: Terrible Shutdown Deal Abandons Dreamers, Grassroots Will Continue to Prioritize Dream Act

Statement from Political Action Executive Director Ilya Sheyman in response to the deal to reopen the government without protecting Dreamers: “This is a bad, outrageous deal. Trump and Republicans in Congress stood with their anti-immigrant nativist base, and too many Democrats backed down, abandoned Dreamers, and failed to fight for their values. “The fight […]

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MoveOn: #TrumpShutdown is Blatant Attempt to Force Racist, Anti-Immigrant Agenda; Democrats Should Be Commended for Standing with Dreamers

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, in response to the Trump Shutdown:  “There is no doubt that Donald Trump, congressional Republicans, and their racist agenda are fully responsible for this government shutdown. When Trump rejected a bipartisan immigration deal and ended negotiations, he threw the entire government into chaos. Now, it’s […]

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I am a teacher and practice "lockdown" drills now on what to do in the event of a school shooting. I should not have to make my students imagine a deranged gunman hunting them through the hallways of their place of learning and …

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