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It's going to take all of us to come together to defeat the radical MAGA agenda and elect pro-democracy champions to defend our rights and our country.

MoveOn is proud to announce our 2022 election plan to protect our democracy, motivate key voters, and support strong candidates in key races up and down the ballot.

In 2022, we must recommit to building an America for All, where racism and authoritarianism are delegitimized and eventually eradicated. Where working Americans are no longer second-class citizens of our democracy and our economy.

MoveOn's strategy to win in 2022

Fight the right and defend democracy.

This election is a choice between the radical ideology that has taken over the Republican Party and investing in our communities to create an America that works for all. One way we're taking the fight to the right is by helping to elect pro-democracy secretaries of state and governors who will safeguard our elections and protect our freedom to vote.


Drive campaigns to motivate Democratic voters.

Midterm elections are about turnout, because a smaller number of voters typically heads to the polls. MoveOn will help voters channel their righteous anger from the Supreme Court decision, the upcoming January 6 hearings, and more into concrete plans to vote.


Expand the base with key voters via innovative voter contact.

In 2022, MoveOn will build the largest relational mobilization of the midterm elections, which any MoveOn member can take part in to get out the vote. Through easy, effective steps, members will authentically reach voters who might not vote this year without a personal request from someone they know or a cultural influencer showing them how.

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