And it's live! Welcome to our new homepage.

We’re launching a new version of the homepage this morning to make it easier for members to step up as leaders of their own campaigns as well as take action in support of campaigns being run by other MoveOn members.

Here’s a quick overview of the changes we’re introducing:

  • Clearer pathways to campaign creation, including a much more prominent “start a petition” button at the top of the homepage. Members stepping up as leaders of their own MoveOn campaigns is core to our “Million Leaders strategy” — and the new homepage makes this much easier to do.
  • More opportunities to support other members’ campaigns. The left column of the homepage now features six different action opportunities at any given time, to give MoveOn members more ways to support campaigns being run by their fellow members.
  • More types of content. We’re introducing several new content categories, including stories about campaigns that MoveOn members have won, updates on ongoing campaigns, news about MoveOn as an organization, and highly sharable progressive content that’s both interesting and inspiring.

MoveOn members: do you have feedback on the new site? Does it meet your needs? Are there additional features you’d like to see? We’d love to hear what you’re thinking. You can give us feedback here.

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