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Iowa results a huge win for Bernie

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action, had the following response to the results of the Democratic caucuses in Iowa: “It is incredible that Bernie Sanders came from so far behind in just a few short months, closing a massive gap to end up in a virtual tie in the Iowa Caucus tonight. These […]

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MoveOn to Launch Presidential Endorsement Vote on Thursday

UPDATE: VOTING HAS NOW STARTED. CAST YOUR BALLOT AT Vote open to full MoveOn membership will begin at noon Eastern on Thursday and run through 2:59 a.m. Eastern Monday morning; vote continues MoveOn’s history of putting members in driver’s seat on key decisions. WASHINGTON, DC — Political Action announced today that it will hold […]

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Looking back at 2015

Check out all the great work MoveOn members did in 2015. And click here for a narrative with more specifics. Click here for a narrative with more specifics.

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MoveOn response to Donald Trump's fascist remarks

Ilya Sheyman, executive director of Political Action:  “Donald Trump’s hate-driven rhetoric has crossed a line into fascism. Proposals like the one Trump made today are un-American and have no place in our politics. Every elected official and candidate—in both parties—should feel a moral obligation to clearly and immediately condemn Trump and stand strong against […]

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